Deniz Bayirli, has created INDarchitecture with the aim of offering his clients a contemporary, functional and responsible architecture. His field of competency includes retails, industrial complexes, office buildings, public facilities and housing. His extensive knowledge of the French architectural world, backed by international experience, makes INDarchitecture the perfect partner for your projects in France and abroad.

INDarchitecture believes that working together means better performance and higher customer satisfaction. This is why the agency works in close collaboration with carefully chosen external partners: interior designers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, assistant work projects managers.


INDarchitecture’s philosophy follows two strong principles : customer satisfaction and environmental awareness.


We believe that in order to deliver top-quality service, we need to listen to the needs and desires of our clients. That is why we commit to offer a tailored architecture that succeeds in being innovative and environmentally friendly within the limits of your budget.


INDarchicture is sensitive to environmental issues, and aware that man’s action is required to preserve the ecosystem. Sustainable development is at the heart of how we work: we follow the principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) , BREEAM and HPE (High Energy Performance: low-energy buildings, renewable energy…) INDarchitecture aims to offer you a real architectural adventure, by rising to the challenge of finding the right balance between man and his environment, between innovation and budget, and between creativity and practicality.